Before the end of the long vacation, I packed my bag and went to Lamjung for a short and sweet trip with mom. Exploring  majestic beauty of such a pure land along with architecture of that place was really worthy.


A walk from Beshisahar to Lamjung Durbar ( also known as Gausahar) was like a  package of surprises. The more we go upwards more we’ll be painted by the beauty of pristine nature. Little talks, little walk and whole time gazing to the objects nearby leads us to atop.IMG_20161105_114847
Fig: small devi temple on the way to lamjung durbar. (miniature temple)

Most importantly I got an opportunity to explore vernacular aspect of the whole Danai gaun through photographs during that hike.Whole village was beautifully ornamented by the texture of dry stone masonry. Houses, siting platforms, pavements everywhere we can feel the material stone and it’s uniqueness. Those patterns of stone seems harmonious; combining both architecture and nature together. Slopes of the roof also matches the skyline of the hills there. I must say what i was seeing was a homogeneous environment between built form and it’s surrounding.

Fig:A sit out platform
Fig: vernacular house of Lamjung
Fig: pavements and stone stairs

Traditional settlement pattern of settlement surrounding palace was seen.Fort was created on the near the way of palace entrance. Stone built fort seems still rigid and protecting. We can overlook the whole Besisahar from this place. Strong visual connections has been a prime objective for guiding a  the location of fort.

Fort of Lamjung durbar

A series of steps and a flamboyant gate then welcomes us from the Fort area to the palace property. Built in sixteenth century; this palace was a residence of King Yaso Bramha Shah( son of Kul mandan shah-first shah king).Before Lamjung durbar was a original place of Shah dynasty. After three dynasty long rule to Lamjung Ram Shah conquered over Gorkha and moved their palace there.

Fig: Lamjung Durbar

Palace complex is a combination of a temple and a residence. The one with a higher elevation house goddess Durga and the remaining a residence of King. Placed on the top of the hill palace consists of a sunken courtyard in front. Multi functional space courtyard is populated specially in Bada Dashain and Chaite Dashain where “bali” is offered there.

Fig: sunken courtyard in front

South oriented building with more horizontal expansion with fine brick masonry is a distinguishing feature of this palace. Ground floor of the palace has a center opening towards courtyard by the placement of 3 bay post and column. Upper floors housed living spaces of kings and queens.

Fig: Temple of Durga

Windows and doors of the palace are more rectangular. Few square shaped lattice windows are seen. Doors are more rectangular with low lintel height. Dark coloured doors and windows adds contrast to palace structure.

Fig: Window detail 
Door Detail

Southern elevation is ornamented by juxtaposition of  fenestration achieving symmetry.Timber and brick exposed detailing on the facade has made this palace an outstanding architecture of this place. A  group of settlements faces palace on the other side those houses might be the houses of ministers and administration head of palace at that time.


Fig: Settlements in front of palace

A long live heritage witnessing decades of  historical events; Lamjung Durbar is an architectural masterpiece. Vernacular assets are our own identity; our pride. Hike to Lamjung durbar makes me realize that we are rich in various way.

IMG_20161105_152832A picturesque view of the historic Lamjung Durbar and annapurna range on background.

-Picture courtsey: Prakriti Bhandari and Kritika Bhandari






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