Re-enlightenment Conserving The Temples Of Upper Mustang


13 years have passed since the American Himalayan Foundation (AHF) first decided, together with restoration architects, John Sanday & Associates, to undertake a massive restoration project in Lomanthang, the capital of the ancient kingdom of Mustang, Nepal. Before any work started, a thorough study of the technique of execution of the wall paintings and the structures of the monasteries was carried out, as proper understanding helps in the development of a better restoration plan. It should be emphasized that the majority of the wall paintings on the Asian continent are not fresco paintings for they are executed not on a wet lime based render but on a dry render and painted using a binder that is not lime. The mural paintings present in the temples of Jampa and Thupchen are among the most fascinating examples of fifteen century secco painting in Asia. These two buildings were completed, according…

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