LABIM MALL~ a desolated place to a happening place

Image source:
Architects:  Team Quest
Location: Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Developer/Contractor: Architectural Design Protocal
Area:20,000 Sq Ft
Project Year: 2016


Formerly known as  Lalitpur Bishalbazar; LABIM Mall is a new shopping destination in the Lalitpur. Dim-witted history of the Lalitpur Bishal bazar has been totally revitalized by grand contemporary design creating an exciting place in the city.

Building a new horizon in the sector of Commercial Complex, LABIM has oriented itself towards consumer’s friendly environment. It has overlook on it’s past issues for the creation of better future and has immense turnover in the present time.Warmth, great ambiance,convenience, spacious environments are qualities that perfectly describes LABIM.

Police station in front of the site  was the main hindrance; creating a puzzling entrance to the mall before. Now designer has flushed the design into context that we barely realize the presence of police station now.


FIG: location map (

“From centers of shopping to big shopping centers, the retail landscape in Nepal is ever evolving. LABIM has set new benchmarks on how a mall should feel and look like,” says Nishant Prabhat Shrestha, management consultant for LABIM through Avid Partners. vnpv4qvm_1479461450

LABIM has  really utilized it’s land to get an optimum land value.Some of the factors where we have done our studies are:

Multiple access for pedestrian and vehicles.Flushed ramp with footpath has created a barrier free entrance to the mall.


Little yet unique way of landscaping is also adding positive ambiance to the place.Fountain with soft steady lights at night adds vibrancy to the mall.


Inspiring architecture and spacious spaces has reformulated a mall’s criteria. A huge plaza is widely welcoming every consumers to the mall. Array of several food stalls in the plaza has also created a vibrant space there.

Form and planning:
LABIM has it’s final form by adding several geometric components.


Position of the form has itself created a central atrium space in between directs the mall to use Central Atrium planning. Architects has  trickily merged little space in the ground floor and first floor creating a vertical void in between to behave as a mezzanine planning.


50% of the total area is dedicated to the circulation space; while the other 50 % is used for rental space. Escalators, elevators and stairs case assists on the  vertical circulation while walkways and lobby in horizontal circulation.


Yellow space above is an approx circulation space.Bridge connection is seen between the isolated blocks.


LABIM mall  has a very systematic parking with separate entry and exit. Two stored parking of the mall has a capacity of  100 four wheeler and around 150-200 two wheeler at a time.Column spacing has guided the parking criteria of 2 cars in between the vacant space.


Parking of the LABIM has a concept of exposed interior, pipes lines are kept exposed as well as concrete too. We’ve seen the colour code give to the several pipe lines, such as white pipe for electricity, red pipe line for drinking water, grey for sewerage and tunnel of aluminium sheet for HVAC system.

Green space v/s grey spaces:
Though urban grey space has highly influenced this mall, LABIM creates an unique way to give a space to green. Creating a hanging flowerbed surrounding atrium adds elementary green to the core of the mall.


Space relationships:

Central atrium planning creates communicating relationships between spaces.Spaces are arranged according to floor wise in such a way that people are compelled to go to the top floor. Visual impact of  spaces in the LABIM  has boosted the massive sense of space.15535519_1893743857522098_1698820790050357248_n

Central atrium is served as a theme during festivals.Steel truss covered atrium creates a perfect texture  between light and shade.This huge space serves as a multi functional spaces for several activities, concerts , exhibitions etc.77482-janitor-at-labim-mall
Image Source:,1818#.WGnGKfk2vIU

Steel truss roof has created it’s own hierarchy by placement of peculiar materials.Arranged on the diagonally symmetric planning,LABIM has worked on the strategy of “more exposure, more consumer.”

LABIM flaunts emerging contemporary facade.It reflects the traditional brick architecture as well as cooperates with the trending ACP and marble as a material in the facade. The steel truss roof has added enchantment.

 labim-mallImage Source:

“LABIM is just not about a shopping, it offers a complete sensory experience and takes the lifestyle quotient of the city up by quite a few notches. It will continue to better its offerings through value-additions that will be customer-centric.  LABIM has something for all classes – from the middle strata to the urban elite, and it is this inclusiveness that sets it a class apart.”

This is also QFX Cinema’s first foray into Lalitpur and movie-goers are delighted to have a world-class multiplex at their doorstep where one seat is reserved for differently able people. There are three theater all together in LABIM having capacity of approx 180 in every.To incorporate the barrier free designs LABIM  has put it’s efforts on ramps, illustrations for information, guiding pathways .

Abundance parking
Disable friendly designs
Food stalls


Compiled by:
Prakriti Bhandari
Avashana Pant
Sulav Gwyali
Nisha Pradhan
Shraddha Parajuli.
Sonika Maharjan


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